Bylaws #1 Section 41

Prince Edward Radio Club

Bylaw amendment proposed October 12 2017

Amendment approved by the clubs board on December 5th, 2017

To be voted on by all members at the monthly club members meeting January 11th, 2018


41. Emergency Services

(a) The Corporation may provide Emergency Services consisting of communications as permitted under the Radiocommunication Regulations and Radiocommunications Act as they apply to Amateur Radio.

(b) Emergency Services includes communications services provided to the Province of Ontario, municipalities, relief organizations, and persons whether or not an emergency has been declared, and includes practices and equipment placement and maintenance with the purpose of enhancing the Corporation’s ability to provide Emergency Services.

(b) Emergency Services provided by the Corporation shall be directed by the Emergency Coordinator of the Corporation who shall be appointed by the Board of Directors.

( c) The Emergency Coordinator may appoint a Deputy Emergency Coordinator, who will have authorities specified by the Emergency Coordinator, and who will act with all authority of the Emergency Coordinator when the Emergency Coordinator is unable to act.

(d) The Emergency Coordinator may appoint Assistant Emergency Coordinators and specify their authorities and responsibilities.

(e ) The Emergency Coordinator may appoint Emergency Operators.

(f) The Emergency Coordinator may make plans and arrangements with other organizations for the purpose of providing emergency services. However all binding contracts must be approved by the Board of Directors.