To Make a Phone Call

Disable the Link for IRLP and 440 Link

The Tranceiver link must be turned off to make outgoing calls. This will disconnect IRLP and AllStar.

Enter: 540

You will hear "TJU Link Down".

Make a Regular Call

Enter: * Phone-Number

Repeater will dial the number. Long Distance Dialing is NOT supported

Make a Speed Dial Call

See list of Emergency Speed Dial Numbers below.

Enter: nnn See Speed Dial Listing number

Repsonse: Reads back call-sign of person being called, then dials number.

Note: When person answers the call let them know you are on the mobile radio.

Disconnect Phone Call

Enter: #

Enter 541 to reconnect Link to IRLP/AllStar

You will hear "TJU Link Up"

Note: If you do not re-enable the link will will automatically be done within an hour.

Emergency Speed Dial Numbers

911 Emergency 911

912 EMS 1 800 267-2151

913 OPP 1 800 267-8919

914 SAR 1 800 267-7270

915 PEC Fire Department 613 476-2345

916 Bellville Fire Department 613 962-2010
917 Bellville Police Department 613 962-3456

To Receive an Incoming Call (Reverse Autopatch)

Enter: 800

Note: The Transceiver link does NOT need to be turned off receive a call.

Extend The Timer

Enter: *1

Note: Auto patch time is limited to 5 minutes. Use this command to extend the time.

Reverse Autopatch

Call the repeater.

Dial: 1 613 476-8368

Reply: Beep

Enter Access Code

Enter 6 digit access code for the call sign you wish to contact.

Dial: nnnnnn#

Reply: Any signal received by the repeater will be heard on the phone.

List of Access Codes

800100# Net Control

800200# VE3EP Ian Morrison

800201# VE3FZ Al Law

800203# VE3UR Peter Hodgson

800205# VE3STI David Beach

800206# VA3BRW Brian Williams

800207# VA3EP Eric Pierce

800209# VA3WOW Bill Milligan

800210# VA3ACE Bob Culp

800211# VE3CJG Glen Campbell

800212# VE3QWB Bob Moore

800213# VE3FL Matthew Dwight

800222# VE3UO Tim Pekkonen