Club Equipment

As of April 11th, 2019

Repeater Site

  • Currently Not Documented

Held by club president Joe LaFerla VA3JLF

  • Kenwood TM-281 2m Mobile Radio (Old IRLP Link Radio)

Held by club secretary-treasurer Matthew Dwight VE3FL

  • PERC FT-450D Club Radio Case (VE3SQG)

    • FT450D Radio (S/N 1J650070)

    • FT450 Manual

    • FT450 CAT Manual

    • 3.5mm Sterio Splitter (x2)

    • 3.5mm Mono to DB9F Computer to Keyer Interface

    • 12v Power Cable

    • DB9F to DB9M Cable plus Female Gender Bender

    • Ground Wire

    • Heil Mic/PTT adapter (RJ45 to dual 3.5mm F) (yellow)

    • Yaesu handheld mic

    • PL259 barrel adapter

    • Power supply SEC 1235M Power Supply (S/N 03435-1123-0001)

    • 120vac power cord

  • Fiberglass Mast Kit

    • Canvas Duffle Bag

    • 8 x 4ft fiberglass poles

    • 2 x Base Plates

    • 9 x Aluminum ground spikes

    • 2 sets of 3 guys with ring

    • extra white rope

    • heavy red rope

    • 2 x 7ft brown steel pole

  • Motorola MCX90 220Mhz Radio (Old Link Radio to Belleville)

  • Gin pole ( 2 pieces) steel

  • Slingshot Kit in toolbox

  • Bill Burgess VE3CRU VHF/UHF Yagi Template

  • PERC Filing Box

    • Financial Statements and Minutes

    • Club Certificate for VE3TJU and VA3PEC

    • Misc Documents

  • MARK 4-CR Repeater (Old VE3TJU repeater)

  • 7 element 220Mhz Yagi Attenna - From Repeater Site.

  • Club Banner

  • Coffee Maker.(60 Cup Capacity)

Held by repeater coordinator Eric Pierce VA3EP

  • Manuals for VE3TJU Repeater