VE3TJU is the voice repeater of the Prince Edward Radio Club. It operates on a frequency of 146.730 with an offset of -600 khz and a 118.8Hz sub-audible tone.
The coverage area includes all of Prince Edward County as well as Trenton, Belleville, Brighton and east to Napanee. The repeater is situated at the old Picton Airport site.
There is an autopatch for use by the club members.
The Bay Bridge Net runs each Tuesday evening at 7:30PM on VE3TJU. It is a chat and information net. All Amateurs are invited to check in.
There is also an APRS repeater VA3PEC located at the same site.
The VE3TJU Antenna

The repeater and power amplifier with DC distribution panel

The repeater cabinet (left) and duplexer cabinet (right)
The VE3TJU rack

Battery charge controller (top)
APRS radio & TNC
Astron power supply
UHF link radio to VE3RTR (bottom)

Dual battery back-up