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(11) November 2015



c/o Matthew Dwight, 866 Wesley Acres Rd. Box 443. Bloomfield, ON K0K 1G0



The next meeting will be Thursday January 14th,@ 7:30 pm at the Wellington Library

December 10th Meeting has been cancelled.

PERC Christmas Dinner at the Picton Yacht Club, December 5th. Please RSVP to

Notice: AGM to take place on February 11th, 2016 @ 7:30pm at the Wellington Library

President: Art, VE3SQG,

Vice-President: Joe, VA3JLF

Treasurer: Al, VE3LAW,

Secretary: Matthew, VE3OCC,

Minutes of the Meeting of the Prince Edward Radio Club November 12th 2015


Al VE3FZ, Art VE3SQG, Bob VA3ACE, Joe VA3JLF, Ian VE3EP, Matthew VE3OCC, Doug VE3ZDG, Peter VE3UR, Tim VE3UO, Bill VE3VLK


The meeting was called to order by President Art VE3SQG at 7:33 pm.

Welcome to Bill VE3VLK. Bill has just recently moved to Wellington on the Lake.


- Joe VA3JLF worked CQ WW SSB contest. Conditions were good and made 300 contacts.

- Joe also worked the ARRL CW Sweepstakes contest

- Ian VE3EP worked one of his radios with another. It is now in for repair.

- A number of member attended the visitation and funeral for Joe Davidson VA3JAD. Joe was an active member of both the Quinte Amateur Radio Club and the Tri-County Radio Club.

- Doug talked about the County FM Station. Currently working on setting up CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) Decoder which will automatically announce community alerts when issued by one of the various levels of government. This needs to be in place by March 2016. Also the annual general meeting for the radio station will take place on January 27th in Ameliasburgh.


- It was moved by Bob VA3ACE and seconded by Doug VE3ZDG that the minutes of the October 8th meeting and 3rd quarter financial report be accepted. CARRIED


- The new Tim Hortons is now open in Wellington. The after meeting meeting will now take place in Wellington instead of Picton.

- The Christmas dinner will take place on December 5th at the Prince Edward Yacht Club. The cost should be $30 if a minimum of 20 people agree to coming. Al VE3FZ, our treasurer, will not be able to attend and needs someone to look after collecting the money for the dinner. Doug VE3ZDG has been volunteered.

- Al VE3FZ, has sent in the clubs insurance application. There are 22 members with only 1 member not a RAC member. Al is expecting that the club dues will be around $230.

- Bill VE3VLK has joined the club with his payment going to the 2016 membership. Welcome Bill.

- The Prince Edward Radio Club annual general meeting is scheduled for February 11th, 2016 at 7:30pm at the Wellington Library meeting room.

- Joe VA3JLF, vice president, has been tasked to find members who wish to become members of the clubs executive board ahead of the February annual general meeting.

- Due to the PERC Christmas dinner taking place on Saturday December 5th it was moved by Ian VE3EP and seconded by Tim VE3UO that that December 10th meeting be cancelled. CARRIED.


- Doug talked about ARES and the confusion regarding local ARES groups and not being listed by RAC as being a member of ARES.


- The President closed meeting at 8:47pm.

NEXT Meeting Date:

- The next meeting will be Thursday January 14th , @ 7:30pm at the Wellington Library.

Matthew Dwight,
Jan 16, 2016, 4:56 PM