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(04) April 2015 with Q1 Financial Statement



c/o C.A. Law RR#2 96 Goodman Crescent, Milford ON K0K 2P0



The next meeting will be Thursday May 14,@ 7:30 pm at the Wellington Library

President: Art, VE3SQG,

Vice-President: Joe, VA3JLF

Treasurer: Al, VE3LAW,

Secretary: Matthew, VE3OCC,

Minutes of the Meeting of the Prince Edward Radio Club April 9th 2015


Al Law VE3FZ, Art Sinclair VE3SQG, Bob Culp VA3ACE, Bob Moore VE3QWB, Dave Ackerman VE3UGT, Dave Ward VE3BIP, Doug Monk VE3ZDG, Ian Morrison VE3EP, Joe La Ferla VA3JLF, Matthew Dwight VE3OCC, Peter Hodgson VE3UR, Tim VE3UO


The meeting was called to order by President Art VE3SQG at 7:40 pm


Joe VA3JLF noted that he beat IAN VE3EP in the CQ WPX contest achieving 6 or a dozen more contacts during the contest. Joe VA3JLF participated successfully along with Ian VE3EP in the CQ WPX SSB content.


The call sign for Al VE3FZ was incorrectly noted once as FE3FZ in the March 12th minutes.

It was moved by Doug VE3ZDG and seconded by Joe VA3JLF that the minutes of the March 12th meeting be accepted. CARRIED


Dave VE3BIP noted that the Tour of the County Fox hunt will take place on Saturday May 2nd starting the Pinecrest Memorial School at 12:00pm. The after hunt get together will take place at the Wellington library. The meeting room will be open at 2:00pm for those who finish early or get frustrated.

Al VE3FZ presented the 1st Quarter financial report. See the report below. A motion to accept the report was moved by IAN VE3EP and seconded by Peter VE3UR. Motion carried.

Al VE3FZ noted that most of the 2015 dues have been collect with only a few outstanding.

Dave VE3UGT is collecting orders for the 2015 Field Day T-Shirts. The T-shirts with shipping should come in at around $20 if he can get an order of at least 20 shirts. The colours are Gray or Red. Please contact Dave if you wish to order a shirt or talk to him at the Quinte Club meeting in Belleville on Wednesday April 15th. Please provide colour and size. Dave will be ordering the shirt shortly after the Quinte meeting.

Reminder that CANWARN training will be held on Saturday May 16th at the Belleville Public library starting at 9:30am. Please let Geoff Coulson know if you are planning to attend.

Reminder that the 18th annual Ontario QSO party will take on weekend of 18th of April. Start time is Saturday 1800Z through 0500Z on Sunday and then from 1200Z to 1800Z on Sunday. See for more information.

On a culinary note a new bakery has opened in Wellington at the Dairy Bar. Also the Rock-in Roger Pizzeria has moved from downtown Wellington and taken over the location of the Main Street Grill. They are now called Rock-in Rogers Pizzeria and Grill and have about 8 to 10 tables.

On an artistic note Joe VE3JLF will be performing in the County Theatre Groups presentation of “The Pirates of Penzance” from April 30th to May 2nd. Joe will be portraying a Police Officer. For more information and to order tickets please go to or visit the Regent box office.

Al VE3FZ noted that he has purchased a new home on Rosemary Court in Picton and will be selling his home at Morrision Point. He said that he would probably be unable to host the annual club summer picnic and would need to find a new location. Al brought in a number of Amateur Radio related books that member were free to take. Al also stated that he would be downsizing his station and be taking down his Tower.

Dave VE3UGT has contacted Fred from the Prince Edward Auto Club and that we are good to go at the Club's Ameliasburgh site for Field Day on June 27/28.

The 50/50 draw was won be Doug VE3ZDG.


Doug noted that the Kingston ARES group, after relocating to new Kingston Red Cross office and recovering after suffer a lighting strike that took out their equipment, are now ready to run a signal check with the Belleville Red Cross office. This will take place on Monday April 20th.. First check in will take place on the Picton repeater VE3TJU.


- The President closed meeting at 8:15pm.

NEXT Meeting Date:

- The next meeting will be Thursday May 14th , @ 7:30pm at the Wellington Library.

Cash Flow Report Prince Edward Radio Club 1Q 2015

1/1//15 Through 31/3/15

Balance Jan1 2015 $295.12


50/50 Draw 8.00

Membership Dues 285.00



Donation to Library 100.00

Bank Fee 10.00


OVERALL TOTAL 183.00 183.00

Balance March 31, 2015 $478.12

Matthew Dwight,
Sep 21, 2015, 10:20 AM