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(05) May 2014



c/o C.A. Law RR#2 96 Goodman Crescent, Milford ON K0K 2P0



The Next Meeting will be Thursday June 12th, @ 7:30pm at

Field Day Site in Ameliasburg. Whitney Rd just south of County Road 19.

Prince Edward Auto Club property


President: Art, VE3SQG,

Vice-President: Kevin, VA3THB

Treasurer: Al, VE3LAW,

Secretary: Peter, VE3OCC,

Minutes of the Meeting of the Prince Edward Radio Club May 8th 2014


- Matt VE3OCC, Art VE3SQG, Kevin VA3THB, Al VE3FZ, Doug VE3ZDG, Ian VE3EP, Tim VE3UO, Dave VE3UGT, Joe VA3JLF.


- The meeting was called to order by Vice President Kevin VA3THB at 7:30 pm

- Matt VE3OCC to be Secretary taking over from Eric VE3EP.


- Joe VA3JLF brought in his mWattmeter kit he purchased and built. Details on the kit are available from

- The Tour of the County fox hunt occurred on May 3rd with 6 teams hunting. Dave VE3UGT and Ralph were the winners. Kevin VA3THB setup his portable command centre at the new Wellington Arena to provide greater APRS coverage and monitor hunters with APRS trackers.  


- It was moved by Doug VE3ZDG and seconded by Joe VA3JLF that the minutes of the April 10th meeting be accepted. CARRIED


- Field Day Planning. The next PERC meeting on June 12th will occur at the Field Day site in Ameliasburgh. Planning for meals still needs to be completed and Dave VE3UGT will check with Fred from the Car Club if the Quonset hut is available. The plan is to run as a 2A, but will change to 3A if Lee VA3LHM plans to operate.

- The Amalgamation proposal has been put on hold and will be looked at later. If the amalgamation was to go ahead then the PERC not-for-profit corporation continuance would not be required. It was determined that process for the continuance could not wait for a decision on the Amalgamation.

- The continuance required to to maintain PERC as a not-for-profit corporation will proceed. Al VA3FZ will create a set new by-laws required for the continuance. These by-lays will be voted on at a special meeting during the September 11th 2014 PERC monthly meeting. These new by-laws will be forward to members prior to the meeting.

- Ian VE3EP and Joe VE3JLF have looked into setting up an IRLP node for the VE3TJU repeater. The node would be based on Raspberry Pi and located at Ian's home, since it requires Internet access. The cost would be $270 plus the cost of a radio. It was recommended that we make a proposal to the Quinte Amateur Radio Club (QARC) to provide funding for the node.

- Doug VE3ZDG was contacted by the Napanee municipality with regards to participating in an Emergency exercise in September. A site visit in June is also being planned to the new control centre along with visits to existing centres to verify equipment and antennas.

- Art VE3SQG discussed the RAC bulletin about the new long wave privileges on 600m between 472khz and 479khz.


- Vice-President closed meeting at 8:40pm.

NEXT Meeting Date:

 - The next Meeting will be Thursday June 12th, @ 7:30pm at the Field Day site in Ameliasburg. Whitney Rd just south of County Road 19 on the Prince Edward Auto Club property.

Matthew Dwight,
Sep 21, 2015, 10:33 AM