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(02) February 2014



c/o C.A. Law RR#2 96 Goodman Crescent, Milford ON K0K 2P0


President: Art, VE3SQG,    
Vice-President: Kevin, VA3THB  
Treasurer: Al, VE3LAW,          
Secretary and Webmaster: Eric, VA3EP,

Minutes of the Meeting of the Prince Edward Radio Club Feb 13 2014


Art VE3SQU, Peter VE3UR, Bob VE3QWB, Dave VE3UGT, Tim VE3UO, Kevin VA3THB, Ian VE3EP, Matt VE3OCC, Joe VA3JLF, Dave VE3BIP, Eric VA3EP


President called meeting to order by pres at 7:24 PM


- Ian VE3EP tried to get DXpedition contact in Indian ocean but was not successful, lots of lids

- Art VE3SQU has no antenna up as everything came down in ice storm, waiting for better weather to fix

- Joe VA3JLF now has DXCC and WAS (via LOTW), made possible with his new tower and beam

- Art VE3SQU was in to get his pacemaker adjusted in Kingston, hooked up to machine and found that the motion sensor was off, now fixed. System could read a complete log since pacemaker installed. Asked if HAM radio was safe, they said he “should” be OK as long as radio not high powered and not too close. Told not to have MRI.

- Kevin had lots of fun in SC was invited as a work function to Michelin tire headquaters to discuss heavy equipment tires, was able to drive on test track. Tip: if you only have 2 good tires put them on the back, even if front wheel drive

- Discussion of corvettes being swallowed by sink hole US


- Last meeting was AGM

- One minor correction, will be made to online version (done)

- Kevin VA3THB moves that minutes be accepted, Joe seconded, all in favor


- Tim brought some back issues magazines, please help yourself

- Art: There has been a change in the Industry Canada tower regulations on Feb 5th. Before less than 15 m was exempt, this is being eliminated, now any tower has to follow process. Also all stations must comply with safety code 6 (RF radiation) and need to have environmental assessment. Looks like this could impact any tower of any height for any purpose. RAC attempting to find out and get clarification.

- Art: 60 M Band has been approved by IC. 5 Channels within band for Amateur use, same frequencies as US, NOT primary (i.e. yield to primary users). Legislation talks about center channel frequency, note that your radio displays suppressed carrier frequency. A table is available on the RAC site showing how to set your radio (see ).

- Dave VE3BIP: tour of county fox hunt May 3, start at Pinecrest at 12:00 noon, meet at Wellington Library after

- Dave VE3UGT: will talk to Quinte Flywheel people about doing field day at same site

- Matt VE3OCC: he and Kevin VA3THB talked to and visited the Frontenac ARES group who are using RMS Express peer to peer or gatewayed to the internet for email by packet ( – scroll down).

Matt has set up temp packet station at Eric's QTH, VA3LOM-7. It is on 145.070 and has good coverage of the county, you can connect from most places in the county to it, then to Frontenac and gateways.

Ian has connected and tested. Matt setting up one for Les, Eric provided TNC and radio and Matt will configure this for permanent installation at Eric's.

Matt applying for Gateway at his place. For terminal all you need is radio, KISS TNC (or sound card) and windows computer with terminal emulator and RMS Express.

Was suggested that a presentation / demonstration / training at a future meeting might be worth organizing.


- None


Move that the meeting be closed by Matt VE3OCC and second by Kevin VA3THB

The Regular Meeting Adjourned at 8:36 pm

Next Meeting Date:

Thursday March 13th,@ 7:30 pm at the Wellington Library