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(11) November 2013



c/o C.A. Law RR#2 96 Goodman Crescent, Milford ON K0K 2P0




President: Art, VE3SQG,   
Vice-President: Kevin, VA3THB
Treasurer: Al, VE3LAW,         
Secretary: Peter, VE3UR,

Minutes of the Meeting of the Prince Edward Radio Club November 21st 2013

ATTENDANCE: Eric VA3EP, Al VE3FZ, Peter VE3UR, Art VE3SQG, Doug VE3ZDG, Ian VE3EP,Joe VA3JLF, Aaron VE3UDA, Peter VA3ORU, Tim VE3UO, Bob VE3QWB, Dave VE3UGT,

Matt VE3OCC, Mike VE3OX GUEST Sheila Stene (Now VA3SKS)

The meeting was called to order by President Art VE3SQG at 7:30 pm


President Art VE3SQG introduced guest Sheila Stein a graduate of the recent class. At the time of the meeting Sheila had not received a call sign.

Aaron VE3UDA reported that he had made a presentation about getting his licence to the Cornwall Amateur Radio Club, it is available on You Tube.

Art also reminded the members that January would be the AGM and elections, and that a Nomination Chairman was required. Ian VE3EP volunteered.

Ian VE3EP reported that the CQWWW SSB contest had many stations looking for the new ONE (Ontario North East) section. Both Ian and Joe VA3JLF were active in this event.

Doug VE3ZDG reported that a message had been successfully sent to the CEMC during the Ontario SET (Simulated Emergency Test).


It was moved by Doug VE3ZDG and seconded by Peter VA3ORU that the minutes of the October 17th meeting be accepted. CARRIED


Treasurer Al VE3FZ reported that the RAC Insurance has been paid and a donation of $100 had been sent to Wellington Library.


The Members were reminded that the PERC Dinner will be held on December 7th. There are 18 attending so far,

Anyone who needs tickets should contact Doug VE3ZDG. It was suggested that a notice be posted on the QARC message board to invite QARC members.

Mike VA3OX reported that of the six members who took the radio course, four have already passed the exam and two are going to rewrite.

Art VE3ZDG spoke about the possibility of the Fire Hall at Loch Sloy being closed, and the need for anew repeater location. Doug VE3ZDG has been talking to a group who rent a hangar on the airfield , and they would be able to make space for the repeater if the club paid hydro costs.. Doug has installed a power meter on the repeater to determine exactly how much hydro is being used.

Doug VE3ZDG gave a report on the new “Canada Not for Profit Organisation Act

Eric VE3EP asked if there would be any advantage to QARC and PERC amalgamating to save

Costs of the new paperwork, and also the RAC Insurance. It was thought that there was possibly quite a lot of

savings to be made, although Matthew VE3OCC noted that some costs such as repeater maintenance and room rentals may not be reduced. It was suggested a committee of two be appointed to investigate the possibility of amalgamation.

It was moved by Doug VE3ZDG and Seconded by Ian VE3EP

“That a Committee of two members Tim VE3UO and Matthew VE3OCC

investigate amalgamation and make a proposal to the PERC Executive to present to QARC,

and that the above noted report should be completed for the January PERC Meeting” CARRIED