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c/o C.A. Law RR#2 96 Goodman Crescent, Milford ON K0K 2P0




President: Art, VE3SQG,   

Vice-President: Kevin, VA3THB

Treasurer: Al, VE3LAW,                        

Secretary: Peter, VE3UR,


Minutes of Prince Edward Radio Club – April 5th  2012



 Al VE3FZ, Bob VE3QWB, Eric VA3EP, Matthew VE3OCC, Gilbert VA3NQ

Kevin VA3THB, Tim VE3UO, Doug VE3ZDG



Operating News

Art VE3SQG reported that the 6M experiment using a TV broadcast tower and antenna in Syracuse was successful and that there should be a 6m repeater at the site by the summer.


Al VE3FZ reported that all bands were open to Asia in the mornings, and that a 60m licence has been issued to Russ Hemphill in Haliburton. The new Canadian channels will be the same as the recently adjusted US channels. It was also noted that the new Picton radio station will probably be on the air from Chuckery Hill at 92.5. Kevin VA3THB has purchased a Home Patrol, and reported there were a large number of “pocket dialed” 911 calls. Eric VA3EP has nearly completed his ham shack, and Art spoke about Google Tap and April Fools joke using morse code.



It was moved by Gilbert VE3NQ and seconded by Kevin VA3THB that “The minutes of the March 1st meeting be accepted.” CARRIED



Treasurer Al VE3FZ gave the Treasures Report for the first Quarter 2012 (Attached)

It was moved by Doug VE3ZDG and Seconded by Eric VA3EP the Treasurers report be accepted. CARRIED

Al reminded everyone that there will be a club auction again this year at the May 10th meeting.





Art VE3SQG confirmed that the Prince Edward council had increased the rental rate for Bloomfield Town Hall from $100 to $300. (SEE LETTER FROM ART VE3SQG ATTACHED) Our contract is good until December 31st. Wellington Library is available on the Third Thursday of the month at no charge, although donations are accepted. The General consensus was that the club will hold the Auction in Bloomfield as scheduled, and them have the June meeting in Wellington so that members can evaluate the room size.

It was moved by Doug VE3DG and Seconded by Gilbert VA3NQ that the June meeting be held in Wellington


Kevin VA3THB showed the members a portable station built into a protective case. The unit was very compact with all the equipment accessible/usable without needing to be removed from the case.






Letter from VE3SQG to Mayor Mertens


To: His Worship the Mayor PEC, Mr. Peter Mertens



This letter is to express the concerns of the Prince Edward Radio Club Inc. about the proposed threefold increase in annual rental rates for the city's town hall meeting facilities for not for profit organizations.


The Prince Edward Radio Club (PERC) is an organization of federally licensed amateur radio operators, whose purpose is to organize and promote the amateur radio craft.  Members own, operate and maintain their own radio communications equipment.


Our club has been meeting monthly at the Bloomfield Town Hall for several years.  Initially we were granted the use of the hall at no charge and more recently, we have been charged $100 per year to rent the meeting room.


During the period that we were not being charged, recognizing the value of the service and its cost to the city, we voluntarily donated an amount of $100 each year.


Our concerns have several aspects.


The first is affordability.  We are a club of 25 members with annual revenues (from dues) of $625 dollars a year.  Therefore, this increase to $340 after taxes would leave us with a drastically reduced amount of money to meet our other expenses such as insurance, corporate dues, equipment maintenance and other miscellaneous expenses. 


Secondly, the club, as one of its mandates, provides emergency radio services, through the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) when required.  We own and maintain an emergency communication system with backup power and trained operators at our own expense, which is available in the case of the failure of commercial communications systems.  While not used often for this purpose, the recent loss of telephone service to North Hastings County showed the value of such a capability.  In fact, some of our members participated in providing emergency communications during that event.  Thus, we provide a valuable service to County residents at no cost.  PERC and ARES are an integral part of the Corporation of the County of Prince Edward Emergency Plan.  We are tasked to provide back-up emergency communications to the Telecommunications Co-ordinator reporting to the Fire Chief.  In fact, The Fire Chief has designated space for our communications back-up facilities at the new Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) on County Rd. 22.


We fully recognize the cost pressures affecting The County and all organizations these days, as cited in the recently released “Facing our Fiscal challenges” report to the Eastern Ontario Wardens Caucus.  We could even accept a more moderate increase in fees but not the somewhat draconian increase proposed.  If these new fees are enacted and we are unable to find alternate accommodations at reasonable rates, the viability of our club and therefore our services under The County Emergency Plan, may be in question.  Of course, the hall rental revenue would be lost as well.


Finally, on a broader basis, we believe that one of the things that make the County an attractive place to live is the number and diversity of not-for-profit social, educational and service organizations.  This is an important element in attracting and retaining residents and makes a major contribution to our quality of life.  Facilitating the success of such organizations through the provision of affordable services such as meeting space at reasonable rates, is a wise investment benefitting all residents.


Accordingly, we ask that this proposed increase be seriously reviewed in light of the concerns expressed in this letter and a more reasonable course of action be taken.

If there are any questions about our club or other information that would be of help to you in reaching a decision, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Thank you


Arthur Sinclair

President, Prince Edward Radio Club Inc.




cc: Barry Braun-Commissioner, Recreation, Parks and Culture






























Cash Flow Report   Prince Edward Radio Club 1Q 2012


1/1/12 Through 31/3/12



                    Balance January 1, 2012                                                                       $492.83







                        50/50 Draw                                    40.00

                        Interest Earned                                  .02

                        Membership Dues                        450.00

                        Other Income                                 99.00*



                      TOTAL INFLOWS                      599.02                          






                        Telephone                                      84.69



                      TOTAL OUTFLOWS                    84.69


                      OVERALL TOTAL                   514.33                                       514.33




                        Balance March 31,  2012                                                            $1007.16


* Sale of HW-9 transceiver