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(04) April 2015



c/o C.A. Law RR#2 96 Goodman Crescent, Milford ON K0K 2P0




President: Art, VE3SQG,   

Vice-President: Kevin, VA3THB

Treasurer: Al, VE3LAW,                         

Secretary: Peter, VE3UR,


Minutes of Prince Edward Radio Club - April 7 2011


ATTENDANCE: Dave VE3UGT, Matthew VE3OCC, Joe, VA3JLF, Al VE3FZ, Kevin VA3THB, Bill VA3WOW, Gilbert VE3NQ. Ian VE3EP, Tim, VE3UO, Art VE3SQG, Brian VA3BRW, Gary VE3IVU, Peter VE3UR, Doug VE3ZDG, David VE3STI, Mike VE3OX, Bob VE3QWB.


Art VE3SQG called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm

and introduced guest Gilbert Provost VA3NQ from Consecon

The members present were asked to report on their recent activity, Al VE3FZ noted he had been operating JT65 a digital mode designed for low signal communications.

It is claimed that using this mode signals that can not be heard can be worked.

There is an article on this in the April 2011 QST

Gary VE3IVU said that he was having a lot of activity at his location around 2:00 am

on 20m 40m 80m and 160 m it appears that the band conditions are slowly improving


1. Approval of previous minutes -

Moved: Doug VE3ZDG Seconded: Kevin VA3THB  Carried


2 Treasurers Report (ATTACHED)- Treasurer Al VE3FZ

It was moved by Al VE3FZ and seconded by Doug VE3ZDG, that the Treasurers Report be accepted CARRIED


3 Annual Fees  A member who has no need for the RAC insurance had asked if a membership without this fee could be considered, as the current Membership fee will represent a 40% increase for non RAC members.


Moved: Doug VE3ZDG moved that a class to be named “Friends of PERC” be established with a $10.00 annual fee, to receive only the Newsletter, without being a member Seconded: Ian VE3EP   DEFEATED

President Art VE3SQG will respond in writing to the member.


4. Repeater – The repeater is being misused by someone in the Count for what appears to be business purposes. A tone will be implemented on the machine after local clubs. This tone will be included in the minutes cover letter.


5. Miss Supertest Celebration- Ian spoke about this event to be held at the Mariners Museum to celebrate Miss Supertest winning the Harmsworth Trophy.

It was Moved by Art VE3SQG seconded by Ian VE3EP  “That a Special Event Station will be operated during this event, and that a PERC banner be produced” CARRIED


6. Field Day

The two clubs PERC and QARC will hold Field Day on VA3EP’s property as was done last year. Eric VA3EP will not be available this year and Matt VE3OCC has agreed to operate the VHF/UHF station.

It was suggested that a WiFi network be implemented for field day logging. There will be a test at the May meeting N1MM logger will be used.


7. The Tour of the County Foxhunt will be held on Sat May 7th starting at Pinecrest Elementary School 27 County Road 30 (Google maps N430 59.499’ – W77013.592’


The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm




Cash Flow Report   Prince Edward Radio Club 1Q 2011


1/1/11 Through 31/2/11



                    Balance January 1, 2011                                                                  $2296.79









                        50/50 Draw                                   10.50

                        Interest Earned                                .07

                        Membership Dues                       325.00

                        PIC Project*                               165.00




                      TOTAL INFLOWS                      500.57                           





                        Meeting Room Rental                 141.25*

                        Telephone                                      80.94

                        Insurance                                          1.25*




                      TOTAL OUTFLOWS                   223.44


                      OVERALL TOTAL                      277.13                                         227.13




                        Balance March 31,  2011                                                             $2573.92


                       (Includes uncashed cheques and unposted deposits)



* Bloomfield Town Hall Rental for 2011  $113 and Projector Rental for PIC project

 * Additional amount for HST on RAC Insurance