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(01) January 2010 including FY2009 & 4Q2009 Financial Reports

c/o C.A. Law RR#2 96 Goodman Crescent, Milford ON K0K 2P0


President: Art, VE3SQG,        
Vice-President: Kevin, VA3THB
Treasurer: Al, VE3LAW,          
Secretary: Peter, VE3UR,    

Minutes of the Meeting of The Prince Edward Radio Club January 7th 2010 
19:30 hrs Bloomfield Town Hall  

Members Present: 
Kevin Maylin VA3THB, Peter Hodgson VE3UR, Art Sinclair VE3SQG,
Tim Pekkonen VE3UO, Joe Laferla VA3JLF, Al Law VE3FZ
Bob Moore VE3QWB, Doug Monk VE3ZDG, Matthew Dwight VE3OCC
Fred Granger VE3FGA, Mike Papper VE3OX, David Beach VE3STI
Eric Pierce VA3EP

The meeting was called to order by President Art  VE3SQG at 7:35 pm

Minutes of the December 3rd 2009 meeting
It was Moved  by  Tim VE3UO and seconded by Mike VE3OX
That the minutes be accepted as published. CARRIED


Art VE3SQG noted that on the 2009 Canada Day contest  results club members VE3FZ and VA3EP were high on the list. Al VE3FZ noted that 160m conditions had been good lately.
There were a number of contests scheduled for January including 10-10 FISTS CQ-SSB and  ARRL. 
New Business
A card was received from Prince Edward Hospital thanking the club for the donation in memory of George Elliott.
President Art VE3SQG spoke about the passing of Ron VE3IVC before Christmas and the family gathering
That was held at Ron’s home. He will be remembered for his involvement in many events as an organizer and worker particularly in his capacity as ARES Emergency Coordinator, including the Ice Storm and the Foxboro Floods.

Financial Report

Treasurer Al VE3FZ gave the treasurers reports for the fourth quarter 2009 and Year date. (Attached) 

New Business

The club needs another Director as Art VE3SQG is now President and can not be a Director.
Al VE3FZ nominated Eric VA3EP for the position. There being no further nominations from the floor Eric was acclaimed as the new Director .
Treasurer Al VE3FZ reported that memberships for 2010 were now due, the club currently has 42 members 24 are RAC Members 18 are not. 9 members have not paid 2009 dues, they will be removed from the membership database.

The RAC Insurance will be $118.61 for 2010. It was moved by Doug VE3ZDG and Seconded by Mike VE3OX that the RAC Insurance Invoice be paid. CARRIED 

The business meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm

Next meeting: 

February 4th    2010 at Bloomfield Town Hall, 19:30 Hrs.


Cash Flow Report  Prince Edward Radio Club Fiscal Year 2009                         

01/01/09 Through 12/31/09           

Balance January 1,  2009            2493.64

50-50 Draw                      77.00
Interest Inc                                  0.82
Membership Dues                    645.00
Auction Revenue     92.50
Morley Wiltse Donation    56.75
TOTAL INFLOWS                   872.07

Annual Dinner Expense       78.75
Coffee Expense                        9.12
Corporate Fees      30.00
Insurance     125.00
Field Day Expense      37.50
Gifts Given     125.00
Telephone                                 309.38
Picnic Expense    107.75
Repeater Expense      79.91
TOTAL OUTFLOWS                912.37

OVERALL TOTAL                 (40.30)                           (40.30) 

Balance December 31,  2009            2453.34        

(Includes uncashed cheques & undeposited funds)
Cash Flow Report   Prince Edward Radio Club 4Q 2009                      
1/10/09 Through 31/012/09

Balance October 1, 2009                                            2542.06

50/50 Draw       33.50
Interest Earned                                .06
Membership Dues      25.00 
TOTAL INFLOWS                     58.56       

Annual Dinner Expense                78.75         
Telephone                                    81.03
Field Day Expense      -37.50*
Donations               25.00
TOTAL OUTFLOWS                 147.28
OVERALL TOTAL                   (88.72)                                          (88.72)

Balance December 31,  2009                                 $2453.34 
(Includes uncashed cheques and unposted deposits) 
* QARC portion of FD expenses