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(02) February 2010

c/o C.A. Law RR#2 96 Goodman Crescent, Milford ON K0K 2P0


President: Art, VE3SQG,  
Vice-President: Kevin, VA3THB
Treasurer: Al, VE3LAW,          Secretary: Peter, VE3UR,    

Minutes of the Meeting of The Prince Edward Radio Club February 4th  2010 
19:30 hrs Bloomfield Town Hall  

Members Present: 

Eric Pierce VE3EP, Mike Papper VE3OX, Dave Ackerman VE3UGT
Ralph Ackerman VE3CSU, Bob Moore VE3QWB, Tim Pekkonen VA3HCM, Fred Grainger VE3FGA
Art Sinclair VE3SQG, Al Law VE3FZ, Bill Milligan VA3WOW, Kevin Maylin VA3THB, Matthew Dwight VE3OCC, Peter Hodgson VE3UR

Meeting called to order 7:35pm by President Art VE3SQG

Art asked the members present if any of them had been operating  on the weekend
Al FZ said conditions were improving and he got two more states.
Mike VE3OX noted that the BC QSO party was to be held  the weekend of Feb 6th
Mike also mentioned that participants in American QSO parties are often looking for US counties.
Peter VE3UR spoke about talking to Brian VA3BRW in Argentina on Echolink
Al FZ spoke about   a service that prints QSL cards directly from a log for $12.50 per 100 cards. There is software on the site for producing the cards front and back
It was moved by VE3OX and seconded by VA3THB that the minutes of the January 7th meeting be approved. Carried

Old Business

Treasurer Al VE3FZ spoke about the process for RAC affiliation and RAC insurance, the club and members are covered to the end of 2010.
The club has to be affiliated with RAC for a $25 fee, and gets a free copy of TCA to be sent to a library or school. Al suggested the Picton Library. Agreed.
Memberships are now due for 2010 $25 annual  $35 family, please forward your membership to Al VE3FZ
It was also noted that Non RAC members cost the club more to affiliate with RAC because of the insurance, but as it is not a large number of members the dues can stay as is for now.
Mike VE3OZ spoke about the exam re write, he has contacted those who did not pass suggesting they would be welcome to try again in the fall. If the enrollment is under 10 then Mike can handle the course at his home.
Eric EP noted the exam generator was old and the answers were hard coded in the program, but
RAC has a committee working on updates to the question bank.

New Business

Bill VA3WOW spoke about Twitter, and  he is looking at using it as a call out system for ARES
He has started a twitter account ARES_LOYALIST
Tim VE3UO spoke about Field Day and suggested a three step evaluation procedure
What was good and should be done again,
What was bad and should not be repeated
What could we do that was not done.
Al VE3FZ suggested we work on having better antennas this year
50 – 60 ft towers or pop up masts are a good system.

The Meeting Adjourned at 8:50 pm