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(08) August 2010


c/o C.A. Law RR#2 96 Goodman Crescent, Milford ON K0K 2P0

President: Art, VE3SQG,  
Vice-President: Kevin, VA3THB
Treasurer: Al, VE3LAW,          
Secretary: Peter, VE3UR, ve3ur@arrl.netVe3qwb  

Members Present

Dave Ackerman VE3UGT, Tim Pekkonen VE3UO, Ian Morrison  VE3 EP, Eric Pierce VA3EP, Doug Monk  VE3ZDG, Kevin Maylin VA3THB,  Art Sinclair VE3SQG, Les Baraz VA3LBZ, Peter Hodgson VE3UR, David Beach VE3STI, Bob Moore VE3QWB

President Art VE3SQG called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm
He asked about current operating conditions, everyone presented reported they were experiencing poor conditions at the moment.
3 solar flares were reported by members..
The Perseids meteor showers will peak on August 11-12th.
It was reported that Mars visibility is good at the moment.
“That the minutes of the June meeting be approved” moved by Ian VE3EP Seconded by Bob VE3QWB CARRIED.
Art reminded the members that the PERC Picnic will be held on 21August at 2: 00pm
The location is the Sinclair residence 74 Consecon St. Wellington
Chef Kevin VA3THB is cooking once again for this event.
Salads side dishes are needed, burgers and hot dogs will be provided by the club.
Please bring your own chairs.
A Canopy will be up to provide shade for those who  prefer it
The event will also be publicized on the QARC Yahoo group


Doug reported he is covering Bill VA3WOW position while Bill is away in Comox
Everything has been quiet, and the generator has been test run. 


Eric VA3EP reported that old url now points to an organic farm
Owned by Harry McMurter VA3HJM. Eric recommended that the club pay for a new domain name and move to another site.
Ian les Moved by Ian VE3EP Seconded by Les VA3LBZ “That the club move to new hosting service, and take down old site” CARRIED
It was moved by DavidVE3STI and seconded by Doug VE3ZDG that the club website be moved to Google Sites.  CARRIED
There was a lot of discussion re the preferred domain name as a .ca URL would be preferred. was chosen.
Moved by Ian VE3EP Seconded by Peter VE3UR ‘That Eric VA3EP takes over administration of the web and page” CARRIED


Art VE3SQG thanked Kevin VA3THB on behalf of all participants for the excellent food.
The WFi Networking worked very well and can be improved by relocating the antenna next year.
The submission to ARRL was for 830 total points.
Ian VE3EP suggested we have a CW station for next year.
Dave VE3UGT suggested we try the network out at the meeting before field day next year.
N1MM logger has quite a learning curve so we should practice next year.
Art VE3SQG thanked Eric VA3EP on behalf of the participants for the use of the site.
It was agreed by those present that we will operate from the same site next year.
Thanks to Dave VE3UGT for all the infrastructure he moved to the site and for providing the mower. 
Tim VE3UO spoke about cleaning out the radio equipment from Ron VE3IVC’s garage.
There will be a sale of the equipment in the future
Tentative date is August 28 at Brian Williams house for the sale.
The meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm 

NEXT MEETING Bloomfield Town Hall 7:30 pm September 2nd 2010