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(04) April 2010

c/o C.A. Law RR#2 96 Goodman Crescent, Milford ON K0K 2P0

President: Art, VE3SQG,   
Vice-President: Kevin, VA3THB
Treasurer: Al, VE3LAW,         
Secretary: Peter, VE3UR,     

Minutes of the Meeting of The Prince Edward Radio Club April 1st  2010  
19:30 hrs Bloomfield Town Hall 

Members Present:  
Eric Pierce VE3EP, Bob Moore VE3QWB, Tim Pekkonen VE3UO
Bill Milligan VA3WOW, Kevin Maylin VA3THB, Matthew Dwight VE3OCC, 
Peter Hodgson VE3UR, Doug Monk VE3ZDG, David Beach VE3STI

Meeting called to order 7:30pm by Vice President Kevin VA3THB

It was noted that a reference to VA3UGT in the March minutes should have been VE3UGT.
It was moved by Tim VE3UO that the minutes be approved as amended. Seconded by Dave VE3UGT CARRIED


It was reported that the members of QARC had agreed at their meeting to join PERC for Field Day at Eric VA3EP’s site.
DaveVE3UGT will loan Eric a Brush Hog to cut back the bush and trim the grass. 
Kevin VA3THB has volunteered to be the “Camp Chef” for Field Day.
The members discussed that more poles are needed for erecting antennas, and trailers would be better for the operating areas than tents. A talk in channel on VE3TJU 146.730 would be manned by the “Chef”
A public relations site is needed and Bill VA3WOW will bring a 12X12 screen tent for this.
Bill also spoke Frontenac ARES who will be operating from two locations one near Sharbot Lake and one near Hay Bay. Bill will get their schedule for NIVIS contacts.
Eric VA3EP has a generator for primary power and Matt VE3OCC has a 2900w generator for back up.
For logging the stations will use the same software as last year


There will be a Memorial service for Ron VE3IVC on May 1st at the Burke Funeral Home in Belleville 1:00 pm.
Bill VA3WOW and Bob VE3QWB spoke about the Emergency Management Course they had attended.
They met many EMS and Fire personnel many of whom had never heard of ARES.
It was also noted that an ARES meeting will be held at ESSROC on the 10th of April
And that CANWARN training will be held at Napanee Legion on May 29th from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm.
Bill VA3WOW and Doug VE3ZDG have met with Quinte Healthcare and will be getting “Volunteer” ID 
cards for ARES members who will be attending at QHC locations.
Tim VE3UO spoke about antenna installation at Belleville Red Cross it will be a mag mount on the steel 
roof. All the parts have been received and are now ready to be installed.

The Meeting Adjourned at 8:15  pm
Next Meeting Bloomfield Town Hall 7:30 pm May 6 2010