Equipment from the estate or Art Sinclair (VE3SQG)

Location: Black-Matthew VE3FL Blue-Joe VA3JLF RED-Arts 

*US TOWER TX-472 - 72feet with motor and tilt-over.   (Motor needs re-wiring)  

*SteppIR Antenna - 3 Element Yagi Antenna with 30/40 Loop Dipole Adder  Control/RF Cables Snapped. 

Yaesu G-1000DXA antenna *rotor and controller - Control Cable snapped.  Rotor may be broken. (SN 7N9100070) 

*2m vertical base antenna on pole at side of house

*Coax, SteppIR, Rotor Cables, Lighting arrestor to tower (not removed yet)

ICOM IC-PW1 - (1KW HF Linear with SS Finals) Should be in good working order. (SN 01670)

ICOM IC-756PROII  - Should be in good working order. (SN 02064)

Heil Headset with boom "IC" mic.

Kenwood SP-430 Speaker (SN 30100079)

Astron RS-35M Power Supply - Should be in good working order (SN 99040045)

General Electric Passive Speaker

Kenwood - TM-261 - 2m Transceiver (SN 90601077) (Should be in good working order)

Kenwood - TM-221A - (SN 9030793) 

Kenwood - RC-10 Remote Controller to be used witgh TM-701A

Kenwood - TS-440S (Still packed in box)

Icom IC-2720H 2m/70cm (SN 1560001061) (Works on TJU) Has Data Jack.

Icom Desk Mic - SM-8 (SN 32615)

Icom CI-V Interface (Home Made?)

Daiwa Coax Switch CS-201A 2 channel(Dual)
Heil Foot Switch

Audio Spectrum Anayzer IE-10A IE-20B

Kenwood TM-733 FM Dual Bander (Still in Suburban) with antenna.

2m vertical antenna (Type unknown)

MFJ-259 Antenna Analyzer (HF/VHF SWR Analyzer)

Uniden Bearcat BC895XLT TrunkTracker  (Base) (SN 26000707)

Uniden Bearcat BC245XLT TrunkTracker II (Handheld) (SN 311Z 26003291)

AEA DM-1 Deviation Meter (2m 220 and 440) - Untested.

Relco Power Supply - Model PS2000R 20A - Unknown State

Daiwa PS-304C Power supply with batter charger - Fault Light Flashing! (PS 1203)

Hallicrafters S-77A - Very Rough Shape

6 Blue Boxes with cable and bits and pieces.

Homemade Crystal Radio

Technics Headphone (RP-HT 200)

Kenwood BC-9 Charger

Cinergy T Stick (USB Digital USB Tuner)

Linksys WRT54G Router (Version 1.1)

Linksys WRT54G Router (Version TBD)

Byonics Tiny Tracker 4 with LCD Display, Keyboard Input

DXCC Antenna

Coax RG-8 (x2)(~50ft) with PL259 Connectors (Field Day)

Box of Coax (With and Without Ends) 

General Electric 6m FM Mobile! Radio with Manual (Very Heavy) Model?

Philco Table Radio - Tube and Not restored

TV Antenna Rotor and Control 

Box of Tubes (Loose)

Box of Tubes (Tubes in Original boxes)

Box of Electronic Proto Boards

I.C.S. Radio Operators Handbook (1923)

ARRL Handbooks (1962, 1977, 1989, 1995, 2000, 2005)

ARRL Antenna Book 1988

ARRL Antenna Compendium 1985

Box of Various Manuals for Equipment

TV Tower - Laying on Ground (Not salvageable - taken to dump)

HF Beam laying at side of house - State Unknown