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Net Controller Guide to AllStar

This is a guide guide to controlling the AllStar Network. 


To get the current use Usefull for starting the net on time.


Since the VE3TJU Allstar Node is used as the main HUB for connecting repeaters the Supermon page can give you a good idea of where calls are coming in from.  Supermon only displays directly connected repeaters and is a real time view of the VE3TJU Allstar node.

Bubble Charts

You can determine all the other Allstar nodes that are connect either directly or indirectly to any AllStar node by looking at the bubble chart for that node.  The following are a list of nodes and their bubble chart.

QARC/PERC Repeaters

Sean VA3HD Repeaters

Randy VE3RWN Repeaters

Will VA3JWO Repeaters

Connecting and disconnecting Nodes DTMF commands

*3 <node number>   - To Connect
*1 <node number>   - To Disconnect