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Net Controller Preamble

Good evening and welcome to the Bay Bridge Net.

Your net controller for tonight is(call sign) (name) in (location) on (repeater).

This is an informal net that meets at 7:30 pm every Tuesday evening using the facilities of VE3QAR, VE3KFR, VE3TJU and other linked repeaters.

We invite all amateurs to participate and especially welcome seasonal residents and visitors to the Prince Edward and Quinte area.

Before continuing is there any emergency or priority traffic? Please call now.

Note: This is meant for Priority Emergency Messages or something that might affect the net.  IE: The municipality just declared an emergency or please wait a second while I connnect repeater ABC.

I will take check-ins starting with mobiles and then open the net to all stations, giving priority to mobiles.

When checking in please give your call sign phonetically, and then your name and location.

Are there any mobiles wishing to check in? Please call now.

Note: The net controller should go though the mobile check list first before asking for base station check ins.  Mobile stations may be out of range if you make them wait too long.

Are there any base stations wishing to check in? Please call now.

That concludes this evening's Bay Bridge Net - thank you for participating 73

This is (call sign) returning the repeater to normal amateur use.